Is My Child Gifted?

Parents are often best able to identify their children as gifted. If you believe your child may be gifted, review the list of characteristics below. Gifted children are likely to exhibit several of these qualities.

  • Learns and processes complex information rapidly
  • Makes intuitional leaps and logical projections
  • Sensitivity (emotional/physical)
  • Unusual intensity and depth of feeling
  • An extreme need for constant mental stimulation
  • Makes and follows own plans, less teachable
  • Strong sense of justice
  • An ability to focus intently on a subject of interest for long periods of time
  • An inability to concentrate on a task that is not intellectually challenging, such as those that involve repetition
  • Unusual and early insight into social and moral issues
  • Early interest in death and life
  • Driven to understand and think abstractly
  • Large vocabulary, love of big words
  • Less physical risk taking
  • Self taught, non-sequential learning
  • Symbolic thinking, early ability to think in metaphors
  • Concern with world affairs at an early age
  • Keen sense of humor