Summer Camp Extravaganza

5 Weeks 8am-6pm • Grade Prek-5th
Cost: $150 Registration $250 a week, and 10% discount for families that register for all 5 weeks
Participants bring own lunch and water bottle.
To sign up, call 770-726-0123

Join Atlanta Gifted Academy for a spectacular summer camp full of fun activities. We are adding Art and Design education into the exciting fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Throughout the summer, students will use creative thinking and critical questioning to help them discover, explore, learn, and play their way through STEAM education.

Week 1
Kitchen Chemistry  Grab an apron and perform awesome experiments with everyday materials. Mix concoctions that are gooey, slimy and may even explode!
Week 2
Art and Science Collide!!! ¿Hablas español? This Spanish programs provide an opportunity for children to begin to learn and practice Spanish in an immersive and cultural context. Children sing, make music, play games, craft, and taste food from South America!
Week 3
Mind Bending Art Class In this hands-on mind bending art class, students will create original and one of a kind art pieces using three primary art anchors. They will:
1. Come up with a concept
2. Use 2D media to create design and
3. Bring their concept to life in 3D form.
Week 4
Engineering In Motion design a car that is powered by the motion/mechanics of the mousetrap. Students will learn how each method used energy to propel their vehicles and how to construct their vehicles to exploit each method.
Week 5
Our Chinese language immersion camp gives our participants the opportunity to practice listening, speaking and thinking in Chinese as they take part in daily cultural activities.

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